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LeWeb Conference in Paris in December 2014

Being up-to-date in Innovation, Social Media, Tech and Future of Work Trends is one of the pillars of Talentor as well as combining new technologies with the best classical workflows we know since years in Headhunting & Executive Search.

To get inspired and get news, what are the future trends in Startups & IT-Tech business, we were at the LeWeb conference middle of December 2014 for 3 days in Paris. This event is one of the most inspirering & innovational conference which takes place in France since 2003, started by the 2 founders Loic and Geraldine Le Meur. They live between San Francisco and Paris since years and bring startup people, trendsetters and tech companies together at their conference. But what has this to do with our HR & Headhunting business? Well, we are in a very competitive market and our clients expect excellence in recruiting from us as well as being informed about future trends which influence the HR business and people management. At Talentor we c…