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Excellent Headhunters resemble to Top Advocates more, than you might have expected, so let's work together !

After a season marathon of SUITS (season 1-6) I got the idea, that it would be important to open the mind of the LinkedIn audience a bit into the direction, that Headhunters are useful not only for filling your position and use the synergies of their lobby network. We all-rounder headhunter, this is a headhunter who works on his projects from acquisition of the job, via direct search and gathering of information and client management trough candidate interviews and final placement, resemble more to a Partner of a Law Firm, than you might expect. You don't find this species in large mass-recruiting companies, but in small international boutique executive search environments. In mass-recruiting companies, every employee has his task in a clear limited field of operation, e.g. there is a person who makes just the research(searching all day long), then there are just liquidators, who take care of the candidate interviews and then there are the sales consultants / partners, responsible f…

Where is our review culture ?

It's all about sales and marketing, but where has our hard-facts review culture gone ? This is a question, I ask myself since some month, because I have the subjective feeling(post-truth!:-p), that since some years we celebrate more the new things, ideas and visions and forgot to focus on old-school reviews. Sometimes are reviews a proof for great business strategies and you can learn from it for the future. Sometimes it's better not to look back or to the facts and figures, because it will bring a bigger damage to daylight you better hide. The older I get, the more I like numbers and facts. Real numbers, provable numbers, because this is the only way, to learn something in a honest, realistic way, especially in these times of post-truth and subjective feelings you meet in social media. On the other hand, I think, that this kind of review culture is going to decline, because it's not sexy to be beaten by hard facts in the end. Facts are a kind of control authority, like d…

Hard times for Donald J. Trump - and also for us

Good evening from Vienna in Austria, after some month of observation, I like to try to talk about my view about Donald Trump.
Yes, Donald is a Elephant in the porcelain shop, but I like that. :-) He speaks frankly like an entrepreneur, an old school entrepreneur generation like my grandfather or my parents from similar age. This is a generation of handshake quality, a generation of mistakes and fast turnarounds after that, they act and talk what they act like. So, how to deal with them in times of social media, information leaks, fast decisions, hysteric analyzes and lobbyism ? Would Donald Trump be president of the United States in 1996, there would be no problem, of understanding his decisions, I think, because during this time, he was in his main powerful years. On the other side, he is also today, but with a leak of a lobby, because the lobby and politics have changed. Sometimes you just want to move something, but you don't have the lobby or you can't act as you wish, bec…