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How smart, global speedboats do contracting in 2019

For you in Law or Banking business it's nothing new, but maybe for all other entrepreneurs and small companies, who are sick of Word document contracting and, crappy(sorry), olds-school contract templates you sending via email and then send another 30 emails until the contract is accepted, these 2 solutions will save you time and present you as small entrepreneur in a good, smart CI way. What I am talking about? Yes, you are right docu-sign and collaboration tools. In 2012 which was experimenting Quote-Roller, which was acquired by PandaDoc, but there is also a great new solution from Sweden and the US, called GetAccept, which helps you to organize, send and sign your offers and contracts I can recommend. You can also integrate videos to your offer and pictures, so your clients get a bigger picture about your company, person and services. Now, in 2019 it's a big chance for us small speedboats working on global projects, to work smarter, than the big, old Titanic corporations and t…