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Job-dreams of the generation x in 1998, robotic-employees and how to start a start-up in 2016,2017,2018,....

The last 5 years are the years of innovation, startups and new technologies, in Austria, in Germany and worldwide.
The silicon valley & innovation buzz-word boom is there since some years and attracts the millenials, the generation x,y,z but also ex Mc Kinsey, Accenture and Roland Berger consultants in their 40 and 50ties, who have the money to start-up and looking for individual fulfilment. Companies and entrepreneurs are going to a prilgrimage to Silicon Valley since 2012 to learn from the smart american startups and try to adop this then e.g. in good, old Germany or Europe. Kai Dieckmann from german Bild-Zeitung did it, Kasper Rorsted (Henkel), Peter Terium (RWE), Tim Höttges (Telekom), Johannes Teyssen (E.on), uva. . So Silicon Valley has become now the new Tech-Ballermann in 2016, and the smart tech companies there, have problems to handle all this pilgrims. :-) > (vergl: http://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article155792053/Silicon-Valley-ist-der-Ballermann-der-Tech-Szene.html )