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HR Inside Summit in Vienna – the difference to other HR events around the globe and why you should participate in 2017

Have you heard about the HR Inside Summit in Vienna? No ?
Ok, I see, HR events and start-up festivals are booming since 5 years and some of you innovators and decision makers are tired of exploring the old wine filled up by marketing only into new bottles, but on the other side, there are some really good reasons, why these HR festivals make sense to visit at least once per year. 
HR Inside Summit is the Annabel’s of Vienna, you know what I mean ?! and Vienna is different. If you don’t know, then read this article. J
In comparison to Personal Austria, Personal Süd, Zukunft Personal and many other conservative HR conferences, the HR Inside Summit is the answer of the younger marketing, smart-work and start-up community, of the generation XYZ, which became now with 30 and 40 adult in business and experience. This new kind of business style, the DNA these people have, which is not the HR and Headhunting style of the 90ties and also not the IT nerd business thing of the millennium, 16 years …


There were a long time no Talentor news, right ? But sometimes there is time for work and sometimes time for news (by the way, a lot of times in this sentence ;-) - ).
So, here comes new NEWS, what's going on @Talentor International in Vienna and globally: So there was a lot of new partner search, selection, video calls and meetings in 2016, to find the right and fitting partners around the globe.

Then there is a lot of increasing cross-border business, helping our clients in Europe and in China to fill their positions with the best candidates from the market.

In march my new book about headhunting with blog articles from the last 10 years was published, sorry in German only, but I promise, the next one, will be in english... I am proud to have sold more than 500 copies in 8 month, so there is an audience outside I didn't knew about yet. Thanx ! :-)

In September we had our annual partner summit in Bucarest, which is always a mixture of Future of Work Sessions and partying. Quite i…

Wie verblödet sind wir eigentlich oder sind Studien mit 0,1% Marktdurchdringung sinnvoll ?



Ich beziehe mich auf die obigen 2 Blogartikel(Links), die ja recht nett sind und sicherlich Firmen bei der Auswahl von Bewerbermanegement Software helfen können, was wohl sicherlich die Hauptintension der Verfasser war(es gilt die Unschuldvermutung), aber...

....sorry, mein Hirn ausschhalten kann ich beim Lesen einer solchen Studie dann trotzdem nicht, denn, wenn ich einfache Mathematik bemühe und man etwas nachdenkt, ergibt sich folgende Rechnung:

ca. 3.629 666 Unternehmen gibt es laut dem Statistischen Bundesamt 2013 in Deutschland > vgl:  http://bit.ly/1csUh9F 

davon: 3.267 113 Unternehmen unter 1 Mio € Umsatz in Deutschland (diese beachten wir jetzt einmal nicht)

_________________________________________________________________________________ Als relevante Unternehmen zähle ich nur nachfolgende mit über 1 Mio € Umsatz:
  156 021  Unternehmen bei   1 -   2 Mio € Umsatz   154 073  Unternehmen bei   2 - 10 Mio € Umsatz     40 170  Unternehme…