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BREADHUNTER's Q1 news: Learnings from the last 33 month, smart-headhunting and prospects for 2017

Some silent time went by the last weeks without blog posts, because this is now more a creative and busy time for me, but you are right I owe you a short update what's going on with Mr. BREADHUNTER and his thoughts and ideas at the moment I am working on. So after leaving Talentor and being back in march from my inspiring New York trip, there is now a time of fine tuning concerning new headhunting products and clients business needs. I have checked also my facts & figures from the last 33 month at Talentor, where I had ca 1.268 video-calls out of 8.987 screenings with interesting boutique headhunting companies around the globe and I am glad, that I could bring during this time ca. 12 countries(9 partners) to Talentor and fulfill my sales goals extraordinary, but it was also very sad for me to see on the other hand, that 10 countries left the network during this 33 month period I was there. Maybe you know it, how it feels being in the third line of a hierarchic company with many i…

Back From New York + New Web Profile

Time is running and now, after 2 weeks my New York trip came to an end, but I will be back, my friends for sure :-).
There is now enough material and pics for your inspiration for the next month in my mind and I also made a new personal website: www.thomaszahlten.comfor personal introduction.

After my 33 month at Talentor International, now a new era was ushered and we will see, where it will lead to the next month. So give me call for a cup of coffee.
I really enjoyed "the city, that never sleeps", took a lot of pictures in Brooklyn & Manhatten, you will get sliced the next weeks combined with blog posts. I had good, inspirational meetings...and this is what I am since years:
An international connector, border-less thinker and global actor.
Vienna is nice to live, but the playground is the world, especially the US, Russia, Europe and Asia.

So, check out my blog-posts and websites and thank you for your attention even if there was less content today but much marketing in th…