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Keeping an international network alive

Good Morning, dear LinkedIn colleagues and business partners.

So, it's time again for some best practice news from my daily work as an Partner Manager @Talentor since 16 month.

Finding new partners is one thing, but keeping them alive and proactive in an international network with cultural-, virtual- and collaborational - challenges is the other important thing, because after 6-12 month there comes a feedback round back to you and it does not matter, if it's pro-active or if you have to ask for, because in the end it's important to get it from satisfied coustomers.

Getting feedback and see, where you stand , is important in differents stages of your business, job, relationship and also a network, because reality and product sometimes drift away or fit together. So it's important to talk about and do 'fine Tuning' after that, so that all people will be back int he boat again and not get lost in the ocean of global possibilities.

At Talentor we discuss this things at…