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Good bye 2016 and some Christmas holiday inspiration from Mr. Breadhunter

So, the strange year 2016 comes to an end, and I like that. There were a lot of funerals, great artists from show-biz died as well as Umberto Eco, my favorite writer. The Chinese year of the monkey act like a insane monkey, if you think about business and the new terror which came up too in 2016. Here I can recommend the new book of Gilles Kepel. I think it's now time to come down and do something different from what we all did the last month, to clean our brain-hard-disc to be ready for 2017. I can recommend the following books, Amazon and Netflix and I am sure you will like it. From business aspect it was a quite successful year 2016, we got 3 new partners at Talentor and 3 more new partners are in the pipeline for the 1st quarter, I am in contact with since 1-2 years. I am also happy to be ready for a new opportunity in March / April 2017, because I think Talentor is now on a good way to develop and move straight forward, after I brought in total 10 new countries and partners …