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Hard times for Donald J. Trump - and also for us

Good evening from Vienna in Austria, after some month of observation, I like to try to talk about my view about Donald Trump.
Yes, Donald is a Elephant in the porcelain shop, but I like that. :-) He speaks frankly like an entrepreneur, an old school entrepreneur generation like my grandfather or my parents from similar age. This is a generation of handshake quality, a generation of mistakes and fast turnarounds after that, they act and talk what they act like.
So, how to deal with them in times of social media, information leaks, fast decisions, hysteric analyzes and lobbyism ?
Would Donald Trump be president of the United States in 1996, there would be no problem, of understanding his decisions, I think, because during this time, he was in his main powerful years. On the other side, he is also today, but with a leak of a lobby, because the lobby and politics have changed.
Sometimes you just want to move something, but you don't have the lobby or you can't act as you wish, because of lobby and circumstances.
What I like on Donald Trump is, that he acts like an entrepreneur and the politics are not used to it, in Europe too. Today, if you make failures as an entrepreneur, you are beaten by the market and local tax authorities soon, and learn your lesson. If you make the wrong decisions as a politician and burn e.g. 200.000.000 $ tax money on a governmental real estate project, it's no problem, but we can fix it in a way, that it will not harm you anytime.
Another point is, that I don't like the new establishment, which came up 20 years ago, growing up from heritage culture, criticizing politics and decisions from a warm, financial nest point of view, living in their own unrealistic bubble of happy-life. In Germany we do have some bio-green-party people, which earn e.g. 7.000 € netto per month as member of parliament, writing their blogs on the macbooks and loving only organic food. From their perspective governments do less for the world, but what is their purpose to civitas(people) except being an heir in a comfort zone?
The decline of the middle class, which has begun 15 years before e.g. also in Buenos Aires, as well as in Teheran, Munich or France just in an invisible, private way, is now more and more obvious, and my thesis is, that is happened also in the US as well.
So people want leader with old school handshake quality, a leader, who can handle also Vladimir Putin and acts like him in a way of moving something, instead of talking and not leaving the own comfort zone.
In the end I have to say, that the way of life is in the middle, but I like that, that a conqueror like Donald Trump made it until now to a position like that. It shows that something is wrong in the establishment and that there is a silent mass outside, who feel, that we have to do something and start doing and moving ourselves, instead of talking and feeding lobbyism and keeping the working class under control.
I also know, that this isn't a topic for a blog article, because its to complex to discuss it in some sentences, but I think it would be a topic for a conference with worldwide public TV audience and speakers for one month. We have to think more big and more global, than just in our small egoistic own country view.
This change, we see in the US is globally and also in europe. It's near your door and not in front of your TV with crisps and beer.
Maybe when I am 85 we will have a global world government with equal people from each world country. I would really like that, because I have so many nice friends around the globe from different race and color, who have something to say, and than to move.
By the way I am a big fan of Mr. Robot, Billions, Fargo and House of Cards, so think about my profile, before you judge like a 2017 social media citizen. ;-)
Good night from Vienna !

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