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The new BREADHUNTER campaign, are you serious ?

Maybe you have asked yourself the last 3 days, why there are this stupid, strange sentences with a Yello background and a BREADHUNTER Logo posted here on LinkedIn. So, some of you got it, I see on the number of LIKES and others maybe don't get it.
I think, now in 2018 it's a good time to change the generic marketing bullshit, we are riding on since 7 years or longer. I am really bored of this, whats going on here on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and in commercials or print advertising.
It's always the same generic bullshit with stereotypes of business or startups or it's a kind of sexual advertising, where the product has nothing to do with the ad itself, or maybe I don't got it, why there are half naked models or kissing couples in an commercial about a new car or mineral water, maybe you got it ?!
The generic happy office ads are nice from 2000 - 2010, the startup and happy millennials dancing and high-five ads are good for 2011 - 2017, but now I think it's time again to concentrate on the craft itself, the real, silent work which makes an impact without a lot of generic marketing. Maybe marketing can support the companies, in showing the real business life, the challenges and the craft, the work, the quality and the difference between quality and just ads bubbles.
The new BREADHUNTER, starting in 2018 will have a very minimalist website and will concentrate on the core competence of headhunting. The handcraft only.
I also believe, that real conversation, parties and real time and real life experiences are better, than pictures keeping records from what we eat, where we are and when we dance. It's poor just clicking through Instagram pics, sitting alone at home and be a social media voyeur or what do you think ? Yes I know, as a posting person, you get a lot of Dopamine from this action, also if the quality of the content is bad.
I think, the best advertising is to have great quality, handshake contracts and supporting the clients with new ideas and solutions, but for this you also need time to read and bring yourself up to date and get an overview about the market. With profit maximization and job-slavery it's not easy to do so.
The new campaign, I created some days ago, was born also out of self reflection and market knowledge and also out of being bored, seeing all this generic bullshit since years here on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook and seeing the peoples behavior, acting always the same via Linking or writing comments like: " Wow, this is awesome!"
Yes, it might be "Awesome" to Alzheimer patients, who experience every second new, but for us human beings and thinkers ? Maybe only, if we are not thinkers.
Doing this 1 time is ok, doing this since 5 years, I have the fear, the person is brain-dead. So, let's create some thing new and start thinking about creating a new trend in advertising instead of spamming people with the same generic marketing bullshit.
Some times there are also great agencies like DMB for example in Vienna or Fuchs & Freude, who do a really creative work during these generic times and maybe there are also some small, unknown agencies around the globe, I don't know yet.
Dissolve is a also great agency to and they are pioneers of these style of ads, I was motivated to do my campaign.
For all, who don't saw the ads, here again the new BREADHUNTER campaign:

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