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The new business mantra of staying positive to purge critical thinkers

Maybe I belong now to the old-school-society of the 40 to 80 years old business people with my opinion, but I just have to write some words about this new business behavior I see since about 4 years being also famous in Germany and Austria more and more.

To stay positive and be an optimist is not a bad thing, but to use this mantra to purge all critics and thinkers of their opinion is a business style which became very famous the last years to kill all good arguments, which are not conform with an unready mainstream idea.
It's the best mantra to avoid a discussion, which you would loose in the end and ensure the power just by looking forward and never back, because you could learn from mistakes or you would be beaten by the facts & figures, which would lead to a total different decision making. So there is a new business movement, sometimes also related to naive startups, but also to stronger business leaders, which pray this mantra anytime, anywhere:
Stay positive, don't be so critical. Whats wrong with you? Why are you so negative ?
But being an intellectual and a thinker, does not mean to be negative. These people are just get it faster, than the crowd of sheep's, whats really going on, because they have a better education and intrinsic values, some people do not have experienced.
This positive thing I described above, is similar in Germany and Austria to the refugee discussion / opinion. If you have concerns or if you are against it, you are a Nazi.
End of the discussion.
That it's not logical just to rescue 2 million people instead of all 65 million who are on the run worldwide is not the topic as well not that a society can be destabilized by to fast and half-baked decisions. So at the moment all discussions about these things are political incorrect and therefore we should not talk about and keep on staying positive.
(Sorry for this hard words, but as a global citizen with many friends worldwide, also in the middle-east from my university times, with many Arabic, Persian and Turkish friends, I think I can write such a comment not being designated as a NAZI and by the way I do have 1/4 Jewish roots too.)
I have the feeling, that during these times, it's always better not to talk about a controversy topic and staying POSITIVE always, than to think, talk and hit the nail in a critical discussion.
I am really not a negative person, but I am also not a dreamer living on a flowery meadow, playing the Ukulele with a smile the whole day hoping that everything will be good.
Why should we stay now positive, if we have learned and trained for 20 years in school and university to have a critical debate with real facts and figures?
Since some years it feels a bit, that all things we learned between 1985 and 2005 are now irrelevant for our daily business and behavior. All values and ways of thinking are washed away by new, unproved methods of positive dreamers. Now we should smile and stay POSITIVE and hopefully not notice, how our fake bosses, politicians or fake business partners defy common rules of the citizens and a knowledge-society we were grown up in.
Where is the silent crowd who thinks like me in this article, but stays silent to be a political correct citizen and not missing the next career step as an generic employee?
At the moment I do not have an answer to this topic, but I just have to place it here now for a discussion, because I believe there are people outside, who agree with my thoughts but are not strong enough to say what they really think. The world is not only good and bad, not black and white, it's colorful. and decisions must also be colorful and adjusted to each situation.
So stay positive inside yourself, but not to keep calm to preserve stupid behavior or business decisions from being uncovered by facts & figures.
Never forget to raise your voice against stupid arguments, job slavery, political correctness, injustice and more, because you learned a lot during the last 40-80 years you are on earth, the 20-somethings and Nerds have no clue about.
That applies also to nerd bosses without any social competence, who hire and fire in the same moment or treat you as a job slave, telling you: "Just stay POSITIVE my friend!" , while I do my post-truth short-term-decisions from a positive, emotional feeling inside of me sitting in my penthouse or in Beverly Hills.
And our best argument in the End: If you criticize us, we name you: "Hater!"
Greetings from Vienna, the Empire of the 40-somethings Strikes Back ;-) !

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