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BREADHUNTER: The Simplification of the Headhunter Craft

After a sabbatical with inspiring talks, meetings, travels and time to re-think old habits in headhunting and executive-search the 
NEW BREADHUNTER was born again in February 2018.
On our new website you find just the essentials you need to know as a client and candidate too.
No novels about how good and experienced we are(therefore you can read my BOOKS and Blogs! ;-)), but also a fresh design and minimalism and on top our transparent pricing packages, something, which is very unusual in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the Executive Search and Headhunter industry, but normal since 6 years in the US, the Netherlands and some other global destinations. So I decided to become the first headhunter in the DACH region in 2018 (and maybe also Europe), who is transparent also in pricing.
Yes, the world and everything gets more and more transparent during these times and this is why my Partners and I see us also as headhunting-craftsmen, working with the best technology, partners in 80 cities worldwide and hand-shake-quality. You know for what you pay for and we move fast together with you, because BREADHUNTER does not work on more than 3-4 projects parallel to ensure quality and the project timeline.
This ensures a fast project flow and a handcraft product, mass-recruiting companies can't deliver, because they also do not have the time to spend 50 - 150 working hours just on the research for 1 project. I think you now what I mean..., anyway fast-food is sometimes tasty, even if you hire for positions under a 50 k € salary and it's also good, that they exist and train younger millennials in their first recruiting experience, but the kings-class of Headhunting and Executive Search is a craft.
As a candidate you can be sure, that your data is 100% safe(from May 2018 we are also GDPR proved) and we do not make CV selling.
We screen people, not just applicant letters by keyword-matching is our mantra and we come back to you personally, if we think your profile is interesting for our clients, before we show it to them.
We are quite good connected on LinkedIn with also 11.000 followers on my blogs and 18 .000 followers on 3 Twitter accounts, which I grew during the last 6 years constantly and without paying for fake followers. This is also a point, if you check a global headhunting company, check also their followers and influence range in social-media, LinkedIn, Twitter etc pp. so you can find out, if he / she is just a show-off or really matter in the industry.
We are based in Vienna, Austria but work on national and global projects together with our partners in 80 cities worldwide I have met over the last 18 years of my headhunting life.
We focus on classical Direct Search combined with the newest IT-Tools and Social Media Platforms and our packages help you as an HR department on your special needs, with or without interviews. We cover the whole project or just the part you need and customize it for you.
So give us a call, email us or connect with us on LinkedIn, because the game is always the same: Candidates become clients and clients become candidates. :-) and I really like to meet human beings and learn from them about their career and biography.
Have a nice day !

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