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Why global phone numbers are important for small businesses in Sales & Headhunting in 2019

Yes, we live in interesting times and it's funny to see, how big players get disrupted by small, global speedboats, because they focus on the core business and for this you do not need status symbols or expensive business solutions, it's just all about to work borderless to close sales deals, engage clients and candidates from all over the world, not only via social media madness, but by personal connection.
I believe, that social media will getting more and more 
irrelevant, because people getting sick of this sensless throwing out infos, messages and contact attempts without focus and personal engagement. They will sooner or later love the old, good quality of personal human relations, Ear-to-Ear or Face-to-Face.

Since 2 years I see it also here in DACH area, that clients and candidates wanted to be called personally and not contacted via email or social media postings. Video calls are also fine, but some clients are unable to cope to work with that, so the good, old phone winns again, because its efficient and works from everywhere without WIFI. :-)
20 years before it was quite expensive and not easy to manage for small and midsize busnisses to have local, global numbers and handle it, it was an privilige of bigger corporates, also in Headhunting, but now you can manage this easily by several software solutions and it costs you only a few $.
In the end its important to close the deal, find the candidate and engage the client, this is the core competence of Sales, Recruiting and Headhunting and having a local representation gets more and more oldschool and irrelevant. You want to get the problem fixed, right? and in times of video calls and phone, its possible to work in an agile and fast way worldwide across borders, especially in sales and recruiting industry, where it does not matter from where we call and search you or your future employees. We just engage, motivate, convince and find human beings around the globe and this is our only meaning to exist as Headhunters.
We find everyone, everywhere for you, screen people by phone and video calls, instead of "post and pray" via social media or online advertising. Yes, ok, I have 16.000 Followers here on LinkedIn and another 8 k on Twitter, but honestly, I placed maybe 5 positions within 10 years via social media postings and this is, whats going wrong at the moment at internal recruiting departments, because they are just used to work with social media and online advertising (post & pray) and don't get the sh..t done.
So, think of this, as a sales person or client, because we put your fee into real research time and smart tools and not into global, representative offices, marketing and internal brainstorming meetings, we just work for your money and you get at least 30% more in the end.
Our services in recruiting work borderless, because our job is communication and reading human beings and not producing something in a factory for the local market. Yes, we do have local partners, but they are not at our payroll and entrepreneurs, who understand the local market in an efficient way.
We are in 2019 now and this new business model should reach your brain & mind, if you want to save money without missing quality in business.

"You can ignore Quality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring Quality, especially in Human Resources!" :-)


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