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The BREADHUNTER Universe 2019

www.breadhunter.org (Global Generic Web)

www.breadhuntergroup.com (Global Executive Search)

www.bread-hunter.com (Professional Search Germany)

www.breadhunter.at (Funky Company Web for Millenials & Marketing)

www.thomaszahlten.com (Portfolio - me, myself and I :-p)

Really 5 different websites? Are you crazy or just a website addict?

Yes, we have at least 4/ 5 websites and my 18 k followers and 25 k contacts love it because they are diverse like humans are and the BREADHUNTER is.

No generic mainstream #mimimi content, we have something for everybody, so that means:

  • 1 page for the Funky Marketing people and the younger generation
  • 1 page for serious professionals from the DACH area who are between 35 and 50
  • 1 normal global website, for people who do not much care about website design, but more about content
  • and 1 website just for the global executives, who are focused and just need 2 buttons, 1 to submit their resume and another to ask about my executive search packages.

And in the end I think this is it, why I do have so many different candidates and clients, from blue-collar workers to the engineers, to the CXOs, to the creative, to developers or managers, etc pp.

Yes, I created the Hub-Spot solution for money-savers by myself, lol, even if I like tools like that, but for a one-man-show like me, they are too mighty, but I like the idea when I read about it first in 2013.

In a competitive industry, as the headhunter industry is, you need the attention of everybody, otherwise, you will be over-run by your competitors, who are all just using the same water to cook in HR as yourself.

Especially if you are more a strategic or research person, you need good marketing and branding campaign, if you do not have a salesforce running for you on the street every day, bringing new customers to your pipeline. Yes, we research people, find the best candidates for companies in the end, but the project is often sold by the salespeople of a headhunting company. These are those folks who sell something to clients, but have no clue in the end about, how to fill the position... ;-) lol.

So if you are a recruiter and plan to start your own business one day, but you don't like sales so much, so just do it the BREADHUNTER way or get in contact with me around the globe, maybe we can work together. In my free network, I have many good researchers and headhunters and we share projects and work with fun together because in the end, it's all about finding and attracting the best candidates.

Greetings from Austria and if you are a client, just check my websites above and tell me which one is your favorite, and why. You know the BREADHUNTER works in 2 ways, clients became candidates and candidates became clients... :-)

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We work remotely with our global partners and use the best new work tools for 8 years, so, we are experienced in new work and do not just talk about on Linkedin. ;-)
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