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What has changed after coronavirus for BREADHUNTER

Yes, interesting and challenging times we do have now and I hope it will not turn into a movie scenario we all know from the past years and series on Netflix, etc pp.

But life has to move on for all of us and even now when I became a dad 1 week ago of a wonderful daughter, it's important to move on and be productive.
So, what has changed in my business daily life?

In 1 word: NOTHING :-)

Because BREADHUNTER was founded in 2012 to simplify headhunting and executive search to the most important points and needs. So, I just have a small office for meetings with clients and candidates, but its a coworking space, which means the fees of BREADHUNTER will not spend to a fancy office, they go directly to the intensive headhunting work, which means 60 to 150 working hours for 1 project and we place 99,9% of all mandates we take.

We work remotely with our global partners and use the best new work tools for 8 years, so, we are experienced in new work and do not just talk about on Linkedin. ;-)

We talk to every candidate personally and find the hidden champions who are not on social media or just Xing and LinkedIn and we do not handle more than 35 projects per year, because we understand our work as a craft, not a mass-recruiting "fast-food" company.

So, the business must go on in 2,3,4,5,6 months with or without corona and we help you to find the right employees. For many companies, it would be hard times, even my colleagues with the high office costs in the 1st district of Vienna, Munich, Berlin, etc pp. but this crisis will help all of us to focus on what's really necessary and believe me, you can kick 50% of your previous business behavior and status symbols if you really just want to do your work as a headhunter. Yes, it will hurt, but then you will like it in the end, even if you realize that you just spend 7-10% of your turnover on business costs as I do per Anno.

In the end, you need fast internet, a phone, some good tools and a lot of time per day to talk to humans, no matter if they are a candidate or a client or both :-p.

Use these times now to reinvent your business or make a radical cut and think about a new start. If you are looking for a new job, check our job portal or send us your resume.

Greetings from Vienna, keep safe, healthy and use your brain because I know you can do it now better because you will have the time.

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